ESG and Sustainability Veteran Will Drive Company’s Aggressive Growth Plan.

EnviroGold Global (Can) Ltd. (“EnviroGold Global” or the “Company”), a clean technology company accelerating the world’s transition to a circular resource economy, today announced that its Board of Directors has appointed Dr. Mark Thorpe as Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Board of Directors, effective May 3, 2021.

“Dr. Thorpe is a remarkable leader with the depth of experience, the personal presence and the technical expertise to lead our world class team as we continue to capitalize on the enormous opportunity to sustainably satisfy the world’s increasing demand for precious, critical and strategic metals by transforming mining waste into the future of profitable, responsible resource development,” said David Cam, Chairman of EnviroGold Global. “Under Dr. Thorpe’s leadership, we are confident the deployment of our market-ready, technical solutions will accelerate as the Company grows to achieve its full potential, setting the benchmark for ESG – focused corporate performance.”

“The outlook for EnviroGold Global and its proprietary processes is extremely bright,” said Dr. Thorpe. “There is enormous political, social and economic pressure on mining concerns around the world to remediate mine extraction waste and sustainably supply the mineral and metal resources that are critical to modern infrastructure, technology and investment. With a commercial opportunity measured in the hundreds of billions of dollars, superior proprietary technology and know-how, and a high-margin, scalable business model, EnviroGold Global is strategically positioned to lead the future of a sustainable, circular economy in metals and mining.”

Dr. Thorpe brings decades of experience as a senior executive in mining, sustainability and environmental operations with a professional background that includes senior positions at Placer Dome, Golden Star and Torex. Dr. Thorpe is the Vice Chairman of the Canada Mining Innovation Council. About EnviroGold Global

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, EnviroGold Global is a clean technology company capitalizing environmental stewardship and sustainably supplying the world’s increasing demand for precious, critical, and strategic metals by profitably reclaiming unrecovered value from mine tailings and resource development waste streams. EnviroGold Global leverages proprietary technology, superior operationalized knowledge, and an agile, efficient culture to recover valuable metals, recharge resources and accelerate the world’s transition to a sustainable circular resource economy. EnviroGold Global is actively expanding the Company’s significant reprocessing pipeline.

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